Project Description

Water World

Project Details:

Water World is an internal cinematic animation project which is still under development of Thunder Cloud Studio. The project is based on post apocalyptic setting, when the entire World are immerged into the deep blue sea, the environment becomes heavily polluted and hazardous, most of marine lives have been contaminated and the emergence of terrible mutated creatures has made human lives miserable and unsafe.


Scope Of Works:

● 3D Character
● 3D Environment Assets
● 3D Props Production
● Animations


Project Hilights

Concept Designs & 3D Characters Production

We produced the 3D characters in house from concept designs to final models. All of them are handpainted with stylized texture.

BARM Mech - a small mech size with a mecka frog look in our cinematic project - Water World. The greenish color somehow helps it blend in the contaminated water yet becoming the best camouflage for Mee to avoid some troubles when she travels under the sea.

Datrang - giant Monster in WaterWorld cinematic project. Since Datrang consumed contaminated green-ish sea water as its main food source, we decided to give its main color as dark green skin with golden scales.

Mee - the main character of this film, is just a 15 years old girl, living with her grandpa at the floating village on the sea. She is able to create a Mech suit to dive into the deep sea, through polluted sea aquifers to get soil from the very depth for cultivation.

3D Environment Production

This is the 3D Environment Production of  WaterWorld including Submerged City, Barm Town and Mee's Room with many modular assets ranging from  houses, vehicles, furnitures and many variations. Each of the them has its own theme and scrapped from unique pieces.

Submerged City Level with all modular assets now are placed in. Everything is under water world, covered by a moss green layer water due to the contamination. This is also the place where Mee - the main character would meet the giant monster - Datrang for the first time.

Final render shots of Mee's room assembling where we put all the props together. Her room is actually a refurbished train car from old eras and her bed is a bath tub. She loves to take photos of the previous ares undersea as well as collect things from that time.

Floating buildings in BARM Town - the floating village where Mee's living in our WaterWorld cinematic project. Most of the houses are built from re-cycled materials and the villagers have to re-use the old stuffs from previous eras as much as possible to equip their daily life with full convenience.

Final render shots of the harbour platform, where is Mee's grandpa working place. He and his crew maintain all the Mech there to ensure they have a safe trip in the deep ocean.


We provided animations for all characters in WaterWorld.  All the animations are hand-keyframed to ensure the dynamic and cartoonish feel that goes along with the visual style.

Water World is our internal project cinematic. See more of this project, goes here:

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