Project Description

Submerged City Assets Package

Project Details:

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full package of our Water World Submerged City environment containing over 60 modular assets ranging from buildings, props, foliage to destroyed components and more, fitting to create stylized post-apocalyptic environment.
The pack also includes a layered Landscape Material for your terrain customization.

Scope Of Works:

● 3D Environment Assets
● 3D Game-Ready Assets Production
● 3D Props Production


Submerged City Level

Preview of the the Submerged City whole level!

All modular assets now are assembled into a complete level !

Buildings & Destructive 

Modular assets of the buildings and their destructive variations.

We tried to bring the abandoned and vast destruction atmosphere into each modular asset to replicate a city that lies underneath the sea for a thousand years.


The foliage of the Submerged City contains 17 stylized game ready mesh and materials with full PBR and variation, fitting to create stylized post-apocalyptic environment


Nearly 40 modular assets belong to props and its variations!

Ground Tiling

9 stylized, game ready tillable materials of our environment ground are ready to create many kinds of environment!

Submerged City – Landscape

The Landscape around the Submerged City with ground tiling, foliage and props modular.

Most of them are in dark color tones due to the osmosis of polluted water so they are harmonious with the ruins of the submerged city but still bring the vitality to the submerged world.

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