Project Description


Project Details:

Liquidation is a fast paced old school real-time strategy game from dev studio Kiwi Brothers that Thunder Cloud Studio has been working together from day zero. We are in charged most works related to visual design and 3D production of the game, from 2D concept to final game ready assets.

Scope Of Works:

● 3D Characters
● 3D Props Production
● Animations
● Concept Designs
● Low Poly Modeling


Fractions Designs

There are 4 fractions in Liquidation that require distinctive designs. We have to come up with different designs language for each fraction that not only looking unique on thier own but also conveying their background stories and characteristics.

Each Fraction has their own set of distinctive design pattern from color pallets to armor plates shapes and general silhouettes.

Characters Production

Antaduru Sensei is a flag ship character we did for Liquidation to be used as a visual guide line character for the whole Crusade faction. The character helps our team to identify the characteristics of the whole faction: strong, noble, righteous. They are armored human unit wearing shiny shield and ready to raise their swords for the honor.

The complexity of Liquidation lies in the visual design the battle of multi-faction. There are 3 main Factions in Liquidation: Legion, Crusade and Scourge. Each faction has different unique visual in term of culture, technology, identical structures and color. Thunder Cloud team must ensure that the elements of design are consistent within each faction, ranging from the smallest items such as props, to units, vehicles, weapons and buildings.

See more of Liquidation assets done by Thunder Cloud on our Artstation page!

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