Project Description

Kids Mix

Project Details:

We produced a TVC for our client KidsMix to promote their product. In this project, we were in charge of the whole production stage including:

  • Storyboards & animatics
  • Layout & animating
  • Lighting, renders & compositing

We also created all the characters and environment assets in the TVC, from the concept to the final assets.


Scope Of Works:

● 3D Characters
● Animations
● Concept Designs
● Videos


From Storyboard To Final full CGI Animations

From the initial ideas, we created a storyboards with detailed story telling which delivered clearly the messages of our clients to the target audiences so they would have an exact vision of the end TVC. Based on the storyboards & animatics, we started the layout and animations.To stay closely with our client’s requirements and ensure the effectiveness of the production, we built the actors system like Elephant, parrot, fox, rabbit etc. and the environment assets right after the storyboard, from the concepts to the final 3D models. Once the models were ready, we moved on to animations and then prepare the final stage: lighting, render & compositing.


Concept Development

2D concept designs for the main character & animals in the TVC. – Concept designes had to be stylized and super cute to attract kids – Each characters had their unique characteristics but dispaying one theme color tone: bright, cute and friendly


Support Martketing Materials

In the later stage, we also helped our client in promoting campaign by setting up the booth for the convention.