Project Description

Crimson Desert Landscape Package

Project Details:

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Crimson Desert is our in-house project to build a game-ready 3D package with plentiful and diversified variations of assets. We produced from concepts to final game-ready assets and optimized them so the package is super friendly for level builders, easy for assembling and creating the whole landscape from scratch.

Scope Of Works:

● 3D Environment Assets
● 3D Game-Ready Assets Production
● 3D Props Production


Asset Modulars

Crimson Desert Environment contains over 30 modular pieces o f Stylized, game ready meshes and materials, ranging from rocks, boulders to grass and bush cluster with various types of tree and more.

Desert Islands Samples

Some mini island assembled to test the boundless combination of the asset modulars in game!

Desert Landscape

The entire final level of the desert environment in UE4 with lighting and shader effects plus landscape materials!