Project Description

Antaria Online

Project Details:

Antaria is a MMO JRPG game with many different classes like bandit, adventurer, trainer… along with various choices of armors and weapons of different levels, we have designed the entire system based on these single base character efficiently.

It has been tested and specified a certain rule and boundary that allow us to comfortably adding more detail onto them like armor, clothes or even a different character design set without worrying about technical flick like clipping, reuse-animation issues etc.



Scope Of Works:

● 3D Characters
● 3D Props
● Animations
● Concept Designs
● Low Poly Modeling


Character System

The characters were designed to be interchangeble for hundered of different costumes and accessories ingame. They are shered only one basemesh so the basemesh needs to be super clean and optimized, not only model being swap-able but also animations as well.


We created a character system with different hair styles , skin colors , facial types

Different Roles

Same system can be used to create different roles of character through out the game , such as : fisher man, trainer, knight, banker etc

Player Armor with various levels


We built a rich system of monster with many variations depending on maps and area & correspondence to each theme, we designed and produced a set of monster for jungles, beach, etc. Each monster comes with an unique design with sepcial characteristics that fits AO universe , and also animations have to be on par as well .

Antaria is a cross-platform MMO RPG game developed by Antaria LLC., to see more of this project, please visit our Artstation page:

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