Geo To Maya Hair Maya Scripts

GMH2 (Geo Maya Hair 2) is a more advanced version of GMH script, specialized in hair modeling & stylizing, developed by Phung Dinh Dzung at Thunder Cloud Studio. User can easily model complex hair styles using traditional polygon modeling method and convert to Maya Hair using GMH2 with 2 simple steps.
latest version 2.6 features include the option to generate polygon hair strips to use for next-gen game, bake hair to textures on polygon planes, a material manager for applying multiple shaders to hair geometry, and the option to export hair in OBJ or FBX format as curves or poly meshes.

Item Spec

  • Compatible with (32 & 64 bit version): Maya 2015 and on-ward ( not including LT version )
  • Script format: Mel.
  • Primary platform: Window.
  • note: For Linux and Mac OS, There will be a slightly change in the UI of GMH2 as Maya’sMel for Mac/Linux doesnt support button with Images.
  • Version 2.6 (13/05/2015)

  • Converting and baking next-gen polygon hair are now available
  • Next-gen polygon hair generation
  • Baking hair to polygon plane’s textures (diffuse, normal and alpha maps)
  • Material & UV manager: apply different shaders / texture regions to multi polygon hair polygon surfaces.
  • Export manager: Export Hair as curves or polygon in Obj or FBX format.

highlight features:

1 click - Polygon To Maya Hair conversion

Real time hair editing

Multiple styles apply

compatible with wide range of renderers

Polygon Hair generating

Polygon Hair textures baking

Texture/UV strips Manager

Export to FBX and OBJ

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User Gallery:

Art work by Madina Chionidi

Snake Hair by Cesar Cifuentes

Art work by Madina Chionidi

GMH2 Hair model by Madina Chionidi

Sculpt Your Hair By Cesar Cifuentes

Sci-fi Girl By Yuri Alexander

Art work by John Seventine

Woman Deer by MehdiDridi

Female Portrait by Daniel Noll

Artwork by christoph Schoch

Female Portrait by Daniel Noll

Artwork by Coss Mousikides

Artwork by BitGem

Art work by Madina Chionidi