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GMH2 (Geo Maya Hair 2) is a more advanced version of GMH script, specialized in hair modeling & stylizing, developed by Phung Dinh Dzung at Thunder Cloud Studio.
User can easily model complex hair styles using traditional polygon modeling method and convert to Maya Hair using GMH2 with 2 simple steps.
-Compatible with (32 & 64 bit version): Maya 2011 -> 2015.
-Script format: Mel.
-Primary platform: Window.
+(note*: For Linux and Mac OS, There will be a slightly change in the UI of GMH2 as Maya’sMel for Mac/Linux doesnt support button with Images.Preset Manager is limited in Mac version and we are finding our work-around for this issue and will update asap.)

-version 2.4 (14/04/2014)
– Change default value of GMH Hair Width to 0.1 so default hair width doesnt look flat.
– compatible with Maya 2015.

highlight features:

- Unlike the older version GMH, GMH2 can convert polygon to Maya hair with just 1 single click nice and clean.

- Even when the polygons are already converted, we can still carry on poly editing our hair models like normal polygon meshes. We can see the final hair result on the go as we model

- More than one GMH Hair system can be applied to a polygon meshes which help user to create complex and realisitic looking hair style.

- Presets manager to help user manage and edit multiple Hair system easily.

- GMH2 hair are compatible with Arnold, Vray (included Vray Hair shader) , MentalRay and Maya software Renderer.

- Hair system created by GMH2 are usable and editable by other machines that dont have GMH2.

"This plug-in gives me incredible control to create a precise hairstyle of any complexity. It is reliable, fast and very easy to use. Definitely recommend it!"

Madina Chionidi

"Amazing plug-in and workflow. GMH2 has freed me from my headache of hair modeling and I have more time spending on creativity of my character 's hair style"

Vu Bao

"Great script. Saves a lot of time. I am exploring other uses than hair."



You have projects that used GMH and it look awesome? It would be even more super awesome if we can showcase it here, email: if you want your works to be included in User Gallery section.