3D character concept

step one


Beyond-expectation concepts by our talented artists. Save cost as a bonus of Character package.
Many options for your choice:
3 sketches and 3 color-block options !

3D character model & texture

step two

Model & Texture

Our talented 3D modelers and texture artists will capture every angle and movement of your character to bring out the spirit and create a life-like 2D concept by the high skill level.

3D character rigging

step three


Allow characters strike any pose while archiving guesture squash and stretch. Using Human IK Creates smoother and more human like motion, easily compatible with other game engines.
We rig all our characters using Thunder Cloud internal automate rigging In-house Tool which cut down significant rigging time and boost up efficiency.

3D character animation

step four


Completely control character animation to make it look awesome from every possible angle with perfect body mechanic.

3D character engine testing

step five

engine testing
& maintainance

Characters will be tested in Unity or Unreal Engine to esnsure the final outcome. All feedback and revision are included and fixing in the shortest time.


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